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Maruti Suzuki


This is an Unofficial Maruti Suzuki Blog site, we at, are the team of enthusiastic people and have a very good understanding of the automobile industry, we are very passionate about Maruti Suzuki cars and to provide latest updates from marutisuzki India along with its competitors.


My personal information I have added here to know more about the website authors.

My name is -Amol,  I am professionally software engineer based in Pune, India and the founder  of

I am very enthusiastic about Maruti Suzuki cars, their market strategy, their Role in developing India by adding budget cars for Indian consumers also  Quality work & quality vehicles providing to India.

Maruti has reached on top of Car segment in India and we (Indian’s) bless to continue their work in future for India.

This website blog will inform you everything about Maruti Suzuki  , for example

  • Latest Launches ,
  • New Budget cars,
  • Premiums segment cars,
  • SUV Cars, MUV cars
  • Competitors Strategies,
  • Each moth sale for Maruti vehicle against its Competitors ,
  • Customer feedbacks on Maruti cars ,
  • Gov. Polices ,
  • Market Shares,
  • Plans for Electric Cars by Maruti. etc.
  • Plan by Maruti in Indian for coming days

If you are the Marutits’ fan then you are correct page, we will try to provide everything about Maruti’s Word in one place.

So, please be tuned on this site daily wot get yourself updated.

Thanks you very much & Stay tuned to!

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