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Maruti Baleno Crash Test


Maruti Baleno Crash Test

Now days, its very importance of safety testing and demand is increasing everywhere day by day. Consumers are now recompensing more devotion on car safety. Just some days back Maruti Baleno was propelled in the European NCAP crash test.  And Baleno has got satisfactory rating compare to other cars in this segment by other brands. Maruti  Baleno has got a 3-star rating in NCAP crash test.

The crash test performed on front side. According to the NCPA report, the car was smashed on front offset however its passenger cabin stayed fixed. While it’s the good driver safety rating during the Full Wear Rigged Barrier NCAP Crash Test. Even though it was mentioned in report, the driver’s chest might be at risk of damage in accident.  But after adding chest protection it’s receives acceptable points.

While performing the Side Barrier NCAP Crash Test, the results of the security was very good, but in the side pole NCAP test, points are reduced as it’s not good for safety of the passenger’s head.

The one reason found for this was that the side screen airbags was not opened properly. This was happened in mush faster crash test, Airbags will not open properly in much faster accident. It becomes very dangerous for safety of the head and chest of the passenger becomes, this very pathetic in case of this type of accident. but wont happens normally, so in this circumstance rating was given satisfactory .

The variant which was chosen for this testing was very safety pack variant of Baleno, in this variant the radar brake support feature was given in it. And due to this , the this Baleno  variant got an bonus star. Nevertheless, the Regular model of Maruti Baleno’s received a 3-star safety rating. This is model which is very similar (in terms of safety pack) models available in here in India.


However on a same occasion, the Chevrolet’s Cell Sedan did crash test in Latin America. The cell failed in that crash test and it got zero score. But at the same stage, Toyota Fortune and Toyota Innova Krista received 5-star and 4-star scores in different NCAP crash tests.

So to conclude that Indian Baleno variant is very much safety to drive in Indian conditions.

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