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Maruti Suzsuki Brezza Vs Tata Nexon


Maruti Suzsuki Brezza Vs Tata Nexon

Soon there will be a new war in the Indian subcompact SUV market. Tata Motors will soon launch its new subcompact SUV Nexus. People of this train are waiting for a long time. For the first time, Nexon was introduced at the 2014 Auto Expo, since then people are waiting for this SUV. The company has completed the first production of this car. The company is about to launch the car in the festive season. This car will be directly fought by Maruti’s Vita Brizza. So let’s look at both the merits … article

Both Tata Nixon and Maruti Brewej come in the 4-meter range, but Braja Naksan is also 1mm long and 33mm high. At Nexus, you get better and more ground clearance of 209 mm.

Talking about the interior, you get a black cabin in both cars, which gives a car a sporty look. Tata has used gray plastic cadding while stepping up one step in Nexton. At the same time, the car center console has been given glossy black color, which looks great with the interior of the car. In both cars, you get touchscreen infotainment with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Along with this, you also get Navigation, Bluetooth, AUX and USB connectivity.

Speaking of the engine, in Tata Nexus you get a 1.5 liter diesel engine of four cylinders. The car provides the power of 108 bhp and the torque of 260 nm. Along with that, you get a 6-speed manual transmission in the car. While talking about Maruti’s Vita Braja, you get a 1.3-liter four-cylinder DDIS diesel engine. The car gives the power of 89 BHP and torque of 200 nm. With this, you get a 5-speed transmission.

Talk about car safety, both cars have front airbags and ABS. With the tone of security, both vehicles meet the proposed criteria.

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